Everyone wonders, many talk about it, some keep quiet about it but most people are left with the unanswered question, is pineapple a good aphrodisiac? Does it improve the taste of semen and vaginal fluid? Can it help to have a harder and longer lasting erection? Well, this tropical fruit is excellent at preventing and treating illnesses, and it also helps to maintain a diet that’s rich in flavours and nutrients


Sex permeates all areas of our lives, from the clothes we wear, to the people we surround ourselves with, and one element that we usually make a priority is the physical act of sex. Almost always, whether it’s behind closed doors or in the incognito mode in our web browser, we want to read about how to have better sex. Just try to deny it!



3 benefits of pineapple for sex


Here below, we will share the three benefits of pineapple for sexuality, without myths or exaggerations, so that you’ll see how the most beloved fruit in America can bring you pleasure beyond the dining room table.


1. Do you want to want it?



Pleasurable sex can only happen when both partners want it, so energy and sexual desire are fundamental. However, despite what many people believe, it’s not enough to have a penis or a vagina in order to enjoy a healthy sex drive. You need to have a good diet that’s especially rich in magnesium and manganese.


Adults should be getting between 310 and 420 milligrams of magnesium daily, as well as 2 milligrams of manganese. Pineapple can help you to get enough of these minerals, as it’s an excellent source of both nutrients. That’s where it gets its fame as an excellent natural aphrodisiac. But don’t forget that this fruit must be eaten as part of a complete, nutritional and balanced diet, which is the real aphrodisiac.  


2. Does it taste like a pineapple smoothie?



You’ve probably heard your friends talk about it, maybe you’ve seen a meme about it, or maybe you’ve read about it in a lighthearted media story. Legend has it that if your partner eats pineapple, you’ll be able to taste and smell it when you give them a kiss.


This isn’t a complete lie, but we can call this legend an exaggerated truth. The truth is that pineapple, as well as the other foods you eat, can be detected in the smell of all your bodily fluids, from your saliva to your sweat. But, this doesn’t mean that they will smell and taste like a pineapple smoothie.


Even so, pineapple can be part of a healthy diet, as it provides high quantities of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and protein, so that all your organs will thank you for eating it. If you think about it, it makes sense that having a pineapple smoothie every day would be better for your bodily fluids and your sex life than a burger would be.


If you want to start enjoying the benefits of pineapple, here we will share a recipe to make delicious, homemade yogurt: How to make pineapple yogurt at home.


3. Is it a miracle cure for other dysfunctions?


Beneficios de la piña en la sexualidad


Heterosexual men and women both hope for a strongly erect penis when they go to bed, to the table, or anywhere else they choose. A strong erection can represent a man’s sexual desire, and many cultures have even made sculptures of this. It isn’t the center of sexual pleasure, but it is the basis of it for many people.


To achieve this, it’s necessary to have a healthy circulatory system, overall good health, and a relaxed mood. Can pineapple affect any of these factors? It can without a doubt, as it’s a fruit that’s recommended to help prevent cardiovascular problems. It works as a blood thinner that helps to reduce the possibility of illnesses in your blood vessels.


In this way, eating pineapple as part of a varied and healthy diet can help blood flow properly to the penis, resulting in a healthy erection.


Pineapple is a source of countless benefits. You should definitely include it in your diet, especially if you want a food that’s rich in magnesium and manganese, and that strengthens your circulatory system. Simply eating pineapple will not make you a better lover, but as part of a balanced diet, it can help you to have and share orgasms.


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